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WOOT! Flash!

2009-07-12 04:48:56 by RetroAgeStarman

Oh yeah! I made my first flash! I'm super awesome!

Now... I only need to make a game then I will have submitted 1 of everything!

And as always, a random pic.

WOOT! Flash!


2009-07-11 09:41:12 by RetroAgeStarman

Gots mah first art submission up!

Huzzuh all rejoice across the land!

Now you can be rewarded with a picture!


Boring Latley

2009-05-31 05:06:15 by RetroAgeStarman

Well it's been quite boring round these parts. But i've gathered more pictures for you NG!

Boring Latley


I just made a new article! It's pretty cool, and it's an article about my favourite game, Earthbound! So go check it out!

And a random picture as well!

I made a pretty cool article!

Hey guys! I finally made an account after lurking Newgrounds for a while, so be nice to me!

Oh, and your gift. . . A lol!

I have come bearing gifts!